Thursday, October 14, 2010

All the World Comes to Me

When I "lived" on 2LL, we always figured we got just about every call there was to get for the COB.  Which we did.

Except, apparently, for those calls that come to the 10th and 11th floors, which all eventually land at the 11th floor receptionist's desk.

Today I covered phones for the receptionist.  I was in Dean's office, doing some filing, when my headset beeped.  I answered "Facilities Finance.  This is Aundrea."  There was a pause, and then my dad said, "Uh, hi, Luv!  What are you doing answering _______'s phones?"

When my dad isn't calling me but gets me anyway, I call that proof that eventually ALL calls come to me. 


The Vuki Family said...

I'll bet that was a fun surprise to hear Daddy on the other end! You're super popular!