Tuesday, October 26, 2010

We Feel the Need, the Need for Speed!

Briana's first run

My team giving my high fives as I run (femininely) by (if you look carefully, you will see that my little finger is raised--[insert eye roll here]).

Our fabulous--and extremely handsome--driver!

Top Run Van 1:  Rich, Briana, Aundrea, Spencer, Kayla, MaryKay, Dan

Team Top Run: Kayla, MaryKay, Aundrea, Dan, Spencer, Sarah, Blake, Jeff, Kari, Bob, Stacy


The Vuki Family said...

You GUYS are so totally RAD! Good job! Those spandex are pretty sexy! Love you!

Kim and Preston said...

Way to go! Good job on spending quality time with family doing something fun! I admire you.

Amy said...

LOVE the shirts, LOVE the shades, LOVE LOVE LOVE the runners!

It looks cold! Was it cold?