Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

This has been a good weekend.  When I left work on Friday afternoon, I was wishing it was Monday so I didn't have to face it all; but it's been a lot of fun.

Friday Landon cleaned up the house so he could have his friends over for a Halloween party that night.  We provided treats, and they entertained themselves.  I finally got home at midnight after taking everyone home.  I don't remember the last time I was up till midnight.  I must be getting old.

We awoke to toilet paper in our trees again.  Man!  Those people were up LATE!  When I went to clean up, the kids across the street came over and said, "I don't know why some keeps TP-ing you.  Do you want us to rake your leaves?"  I told them they were fine, and thanks for the offer.  Then--seeing their faces--I said, "You're welcome to come over and rake and play all you want."  The boy yelled, "She said yes!"  And pretty soon there were 5 or 6 children in our front yard, playing in the leaves.  It was adorable.  (Just a few years ago, our children did the exact same thing in our neighbors' yard.  Where is the time going?)

I got a lot of laundry done and cleaned our bathroom and my side of the bedroom, including changing the sheets on the bed.  I finished putting together final touches on prizes, etc. for the ward Halloween party.

At 3:00 Landon and I headed to the church to set up the party.  Three and a half hours later I got home with a lot of stuff and another successful party under my belt.  Many, many thanks to everyone who brought food, helped with clean-up, did games, and just participated.  Kayle and Kaitlyn manned the cake walk, which was organized by Mandy, who also provided some fun Halloween music.  There were some darling, darling costumes, and they were not just limited to the children.  There was plenty of food (my biggest worry).  And Jen had the hit of the night with the donut-eating contest. My hero was Spencer, who was at the store until after the party started (it's hard to eat chili and stew when there are no bowls!). 

Ashtyn had spent the day (about 4 or 5 hours) working on a ceramics project to make up for her attendance in that class.  Within 1/2 hour after she finished, the pot had cracked.  She was devastated.  So Spencer stayed home from the party set-up to help Ashie throw another pot.  After they shopped for me and dropped things off at the church, they left again to go to Dylan's, where Ashtyn asked him to the Sadie Hawkins dance.  She also got texted on Friday night, when Zach asked her to go out with him.  Her first date is on Friday night--they're going to a movie and Jamba.  :)  Once they got back, they came to the church.  Spencer picked up Landon, and they went to get Taylor from work.  Ashie helped me clean up.  Except for Lando, my family missed the party entirely.

I came home and got cute, and Spencer took me to dinner and a movie.  I had gotten to have a bowl of stew at the party, so I just got a milkshake while he had his dinner.  We were both pretty quiet during dinner, but it is a blessing to simply hang out with my sweetheart. We did some quiet visiting and some laughing together.  How I love him!  We saw "Hereafter," with Matt Damon.  It was slow and very long and not at all what I expected.  We were glad to get home and climb into our beds.

Going out meant we missed all of the trick-or-treating this year.  That's the first time EVER for me.  We don't get many t-o-t-ers at our house, so Ashtyn was willing to take care of it. Megan was going to come over and "help." When I left, Logan and Landon were watching a scary movie on Netflix, pausing it to pass out candy.  Taylor worked till 6:00 and then went to the WJHS choir Halloween party.  Briana had gone to a party with friends in Logan. 

Today is church (of course), visiting teaching (no, we DIDN'T procrastinate till the last day of the month), and a choirside with Sterling Singers.

Happy Halloween!


Coles Fam said...

Oh my heck! Is Ashtyn really old enough to date?! My goodness. What a fun weekend.
Oh and Taylor was awesome in the video clip. What a talented young man he is.

Jessica and Tim said...

Holy crap, I'm tired just reading that. I'm glad you survived.