Sunday, January 16, 2011

Wouldn't It Be Cool If I Had Something Wonderful to Say?

Week #3 in Primary, and yup, I'm still in heaven.  There are two little girls who do not actually live in our ward, but they come consistently with their grandparents, who do live in our ward.  These little girls are kind, sweet, thoughtful people.  I love them so much!

Ashtyn's meds and new wheat-free diet seem to be helping.  She's all signed up to finish her junior year through electronic high school.

Taylor has a real girlfriend.  She's darling.  They went on a date on Friday night. 

Also, Tay completed his Eagle project on Saturday.  Since his birthday is just 6 days away, it's still a race to see if he can complete all the paperwork, etc. in time to actually RECEIVE his Eagle award.  If he does, I'll probably have to go buy him a uniform that fits; and a bandelo; and sew on all his merit badges.  And find all his merit badges.  Don't even get me started on the BSA--suffice it say, I'm not a fan.  

I bought food for the boys and men to take to Mosida.  I got a big hug.  Spencer worked for 6 hours outdoors in January.  I'm bettin' he got nothin'.  Someday our children will know how AWESOME their father is.

Landon has become one of the funniest people I've ever met. You should hang around with us if you get the chance.  You're guaranteed to either laugh at him or roll your eyes at me ("It's just not that funny, Mom.").

Saw "Secretariat" last night.  Loved it.  Except for the part where the 1973 daughter said, "Mom, you are awesome."  That was about 10 years too early for that word.  Remember when AWESOME received its new definition?

Time to go to school. 


The Vuki Family said...

I think EVERYTHING that comes out of the cute little mouth of yours is absolutely WONDERFUL!:) Miss you sister! I always look forward to your posts. So has Tay kissed this girl yet?

Tahnee said...

You're wonderful, and so are all your posts. I think it's great you think Landon's funny. My parents never thought I was funny until I became an adult. Now they laugh at me a lot. Back when I was younger, they just rolled their eyes at me. Which now is kind of funny.

Kim and Preston said...

I loved Secretariat! I also love hearing about your kids growing up. Oh the years of dating:)