Saturday, February 25, 2012

My Senior Moment Made A Mess

This morning I slept in.  It was glorious.  After my glorious sleep-in, I got in the shower.  It was cold.  So I got clean, but got out.  The plan was to shave my legs at the sink, using shave cream.  But the shave cream was in the other bathroom.  I left the sink slowly filling and went to get the shave cream.

Bella really wanted to go outside, so I walked down the hall and let her out the back door.  While I was back there I thought, "I oughtta get a load of laundry going."  But there were clothes in the washer and in the dryer.  So I took the clothes out of the dryer.  I put the clothes from the washer INTO the dryer.  I started another load of clothes. 

And then I saw the shave cream sitting there.  Oh no!

Sure enough, when I got back to our bathroom, it was flooded.  The drawer holding the TP (only two rolls, thankfully) had about 2 inches of water in it.  The drawer holding my hair brushes, irons, and hand mirror had an inch of water in it.  The drawer holding my makeup had a half inch of water in it.  There was water in the vanity (the towels were wet) and all over the floor.  I used all of the already-wet towels to dry up everything in the drawers, on the counter, and on the floor.

Landon and Logan came up from downstairs.  They said the ceiling in Kel's room was leaking.  I said, "Sorry."

Maybe I should give up multi-tasking.