Friday, February 17, 2012

Roller Coaster Ride

When Dean was out of the country, and before they had made an official announcement to his division, they decided that it was urgent that we (Dean and I) move.  They built another office on 11; they took everything from a 10th floor office and moved it to the new 11th floor office.  They insisted that I get all of Dean's stuff packed up and his computer torn apart and EMPTY his 11th floor office.  Then they took all the furnishings from that office and moved it to the now-vacant 10th floor office.  THEN they ordered new furnishings and moved then into the now-vacant 11th floor stuff.  All of the furnishings were exactly the same, so why didn't they just bring new furniture to the new office?  Because that would make too much sense. I mean to tell you, this was IMPORTANT, URGENT BUSINESS, and by the time Dean came back into town, I had moved him and me into our new offices (mine's a cubical, but whatever).  Do you like moving?  Yeah, me neither.

I had been sitting at my new desk for less than a week when the space manager came to me and told me that I was going to have to move again.  I was feeling calm and flexible.  And what are you gonna do?  There's nothing to do but move.  In the meantime, we've gone through nearly every book and file that Dean has had in his office for roughly a decade, and I have stacks of filing on my desk, waiting for the people in his office--who were supposed to be gone an hour and a half ago--to GET OUT so I can put it all away.

Today is move day.  The people in our division are not playing nicely together.  Everyone is completely HELPLESS--Do I take my chair?  How will they know where this goes?  My new cubical is so much smaller.  There aren't enough totes!  My goodness, people!  Pack it, label it, share it, and get over it!

Up till now I've been completely calm and cool and really very helpful about all of this.  But today I just want to SCREAM!  Why did we have to leave the other floor so urgently if now we just have to do it all again?!  Couldn't this have been organized and planned just a bit better!?  And people, you are grown-ups!  Grow up!

Instead of ranting and raving at the people around me, I'm ranting and raving at you.  I bet you're glad you came today, aren't you?  I have a fabulous idea.  Let's all just leave.