Thursday, June 4, 2009

Ashtyn's 9th grade portfolio presentation

Ashtyn had a graduation today, too. She is finishing 9th grade at Entheos Academy, which has been a very good fit for her. Ashtyn was required to do a presentation to family and friends, school board members, and teachers. She looked lovely. She had put together a fabulous PowerPoint presentation, and she was confident and well-spoken. I was very proud of her today. She had a graduation ceremony tonight, which we missed in order to go to Briana's commencement. At her ceremony, she received a special certificate for science and another for language arts. Each of the sixteen 9th graders was highlighted by one of the middle school teachers. Ashtyn was the very last one, and her teacher got a bit misty as she talked about Ashtyn.
She is a beautiful, talented, happy, confident, and capable young woman. We are very proud of her!


Amy said...

She's definitely worth being proud of! :) Congrats Ashtyn!