Monday, June 22, 2009

Spotlight On..

My dad, Jon Fish, is one of my heroes. Here is a non-comprehensive list of the stuff I love about my dad:

1. He always let me pick on him. No, really pick. He had little things in his eyelashes that I wouldn't be able to even see now, but I could sure find them when I had a child's eagle eyes.

2. He has a happy laugh, and he uses it often.

3. He always respected my ideas and opinions. Even when I was very young. And even when we disagreed. Still does. (By the way, he's usually right.)

4. He has loved all of us in a stupid, crazy way our entire lives. As soon as I married Spencer, he started loving him in the same wonderful way.

5. He's crazy about our children. Even when they're children. And even when they're 10-year-olds. And even when they're teenagers. And even when they're grown-ups!

6. There is never any competition for Daddy's love. He loves us all, and he does for us what he can when he can. The same goes for my brothers and sisters, and we all just know it and accept it.

7. He taught me to appreciate musicals. And music. Including how to hear a part other than soprano.

8. He loves my mom. This should be listed at #1. Whatever else my dad is, he is completely, 100% devoted to Mom.

9. He has never stopped teaching. I love the things I learn from him.

10. He takes care of himself. A couple of years ago Daddy was diagnosed with adult-onset diabetes. He promptly started exercising, eating right, and losing weight. He's currently doing well without being medicated. He told me once that diabetes would get him in the end, but it was going to be a long fight because he was going to win for as long as he could.

Days like Father's Day are days when I wish I was in California with the majority of my family. I miss them terribly and just want to be there with them for "stuff." But I'm a lucky daughter who hears from my daddy daily (more than once, thanks to email), and I love him more than I could ever express.

Thanks, Daddy, for your example and your love. I love you TONS!


Amy said...

Plus when he calls he says "this is Jon Fish" in a voice that only he has and he hardly laughs at all when I tell him you've gone to "mix a drink". I love him too and I've never even met him! :) Because...what's not to love?

Happy Father's Day