Sunday, June 14, 2009

Something That Has Never Happened to Me Before

My secretary in Primary has the flu. The swine flu. So does her husband and their 5-year-old daughter.

Our daughter has a raging fever and a terrible cough.

My 1st counselor's daughter has a raging fever.

Is it the swine flu? We don't know. These kids just got home from 3 days of camping in the rain and getting sunburned in between showers. But the CDC website this morning taught me that you can be contagious for 24 hours before you exhibit symptoms of the swine flu.

So.... The Sunday dilemma.

Marianne can't come to church. Should Mary Ann and/or I go to church? Do we let Lara take over all of Primary? Or do we go, running the risk that we could have something contagious that we could give to 40 children and their teachers?

I called Brother Curtis, who counseled with the bishop, and it was decided that our ward would not hold Primary today. All other meetings were still on, and parents could take their children home or take them with them to their other meetings. (I hope they took them home. But that's just me.)

Mary Ann and I (and the other 15 members of our two families) stayed home.


Amy said...

Weird! And scary! And (is it bad if I type this outloud?) kindof a relief to not have to do primary the day after the youth conference. I'd be relieved! I hope this week finds you and all your maryanne's well!

T said...

Charlie had swine flu last month and we ended up at the instacare with his diabetes. If this had happened in May, I would have apologized since it would have been me bringing it to Primary but it wasn't me! Hope your family gets better.