Sunday, June 14, 2009

My Babies

I have three babies, did you know?

Two of the babies are the falcon chicks that are currently living at the top of the Joseph Smith Memorial Building in SLC. I watch them all day at work. They grow amazingly, and we have begun to identify them. Amy and I will have to come up with wonderful names for them. But for now you will be glad to know that we have decided that one is a boy, and the other is his older, bossy sister. Maybe we'll name them Aundrea and Brant. Or Briana and Taylor.

I went away to Youth Conference and came back to find both babies have survived. They have grown a ton. They have gray and black feathers. They are not wobbly. Amy took good care of them in my absence.

My other baby is Baby Thomas, whose arrival is expected some time toward the end of October. He's kinda naughty because he's made his mommy really sick for far too long. But he's also beautiful. I know, because I've seen his picture. And his mother is as beautiful as they come, both inside and out. So how can Tommy be anything BUT beautiful? His mommy says I can be Aunt Aundrea to this precious boy and that I can munch him as much as I want.

But I went away to Youth Conference and came back to learn that Thomas and his parents are probably going to move to Montana. All I can do when I think about it is cry. I will miss Amy terribly. I won't get to munch on Tommy at all (because by the time I see him, he won't let me).

But I know Amy will take good care of him in my absence.


Amy said...

There are no words. Only tears. Can I have a hug?