Friday, June 26, 2009

I Think I'm in the Minority

I keep hearing from people about how hot and yucky it is. How they are going to melt. How the bugs are conspiring to pick them up and carry them away.

Yeah, right. We have had 900 days of cold, people! We've been in sweaters! We've been in jackets! We've been under umbrellas! And tarps! IT IS ABOUT TIME FOR SOME HEAT!

Amy--who is a cold freak--keeps telling me about the gross, awful heat. This is the same girl who went for a walk in the rain. On purpose. And it was a cold rain, too! So now it has become a joke to see what kinds of comments we get on the weather. Amy even wanted to start keeping score on the point board, but I nix'd the idea, citing the fact that we didn't keep score on when people whined about the cold. (Of course, since she's the official score-keeper, she could pretty much do whatever she wanted. But shhh... don't tell!)

I just want to say, for the record--I LOVE THE SUMMER! It is warm and glorious and colorful. You get to wear sandals; or no shoes at all! You get to drink cold and wet and wonderful stuff without freezing to death afterward. There is watermelon. And cookouts. And it stays light forever.

So, let me know if you actually witness someone getting carried away by the bugs. Then--and only then--I MIGHT change my mind. In the meantime, pull out the squirt guns, the sunscreen, and the lawn chairs. Here's to a long and prosperous summer for us all!


Amy said...

I don't think I actually need to comment here....because you nailed it. HOWEVER I'm a sucker for a good water fight (shocking, I know) - so break out the squirt guns and the heat is suddenly bearable.

Also, insert some witty comment about how you "keep hearing from PEOPLE how is". Emphasis on 'people' because something witty about the only things that truly enjoy this kind of heat have something to do with hell.....I dunno....I'm tired.