Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Work Conversations 3

Kenny was telling Kim all about what he missed at lead meeting this morning: big, huge sweetrolls with creamy white icing and nuts all over the top; and frappé—a fancy word for punch—with it. It was creamy and frosty and cool. You know frappé, right? It’s that slushy stuff they serve at weddings. If you go to a wedding and you ask for another serving of slush, they think you’re really tacky. You have to ask for frappé, and they will think to themselves, “Now THERE’S a classy guy!”

Can you hear Kenny saying all of this?

So, I’m laughing like crazy, but mostly on the inside, because I don’t want to ruin his story. So Kim comes out and says, “Did you really have treats in lead meeting today?” And I could not tell a lie, so I said, “Yes, we did.” And his eyebrows go into this hairline and he says, “Oh, really?” And I nod seriously and say, “You really missed out.” Then I held up my bowl of chocolate kisses and offered him one.

And Kenny didn’t even backpedal one little bit!