Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Life Goes On

Briana was well by yesterday morning. Thank goodness, no swine flu. Mary Ann's daughter is well, too. So far no one else in our families is sick. I guess we dodged the bullet on that one. But we had to err on the side of safety since we are in the first pandemic declared by the WHO in 41 years. Wild!

Today my mom is having a biopsy on her breast. We are in fast and pray mode for her.

Amy is loving Montana--great news for her!

Work is crazy busy. This is the second week of only one clerk, so everything is piling up fast. Since I was gone before, my pile seems especially large. The good part of that is that it makes the day fly by!

Taylor is filling out job apps. Briana is filling out invitation envelopes for our graduation party.

Spence and I are headed to a senior recital for Briana's friend, Anna Willis, this evening.

We all went to the dollar movies for Family Home Leaving last night. We saw "17 Again." Again.

So, all in all, life goes on.


Marianne said...

Aundrea, I hope everything goes well for your mother, and I'm so glad Briana is feeling better.