Saturday, June 6, 2009

Youth Conference and the rest of a Saturday

This is our kitchen table:

Here is what we did today, in random order: Washed 3 loads of laundry (Aundrea). Folded 6 loads of laundry (Aundrea). Unloaded and loaded the dishwasher twice (Spencer, Landon, Aundrea). Mowed the lawn (Taylor, Ashtyn). Went to Batemans to check on Goliath, stones, and a foal (Aundrea, Briana). Went to two different art stores for paint for Goliath (Aundrea, Taylor, Ashtyn). Mounted three umbrellas on Batemans' trailer (Spencer, Taylor). Delivered over 10 graduation candy necklaces (Briana, Aundrea). Held practice for our actors (Aundrea, Briana, Taylor, Ashtyn). Strung about 200 chimes (see above) (Spencer, Aundrea, Briana, Taylor, Ashtyn, Landon). Made "sheet music" rolls for chimes activity (Aundrea). Made lunch (Ashtyn, Taylor). Made dinner (Aundrea). Made a birthday present (Ashtyn). Went to a birthday party (Ashtyn). Went to a family fun fair (Landon). Drove people around (Spencer, Briana, Aundrea). Had an interview at the temple (Spencer). Ran (Spencer). Helped Bert (Spencer, Landon). Gave a lesson on how to drive a stick shift (Aundrea). Drove to Magna in said stick shift-ed vehicle (Briana). Went to a drive-in movie (Briana). Shopped (Spencer, Aundrea, Taylor, Briana, Ashtyn). Prepared Sharing Time (Aundrea). Called chimes choir participants (Aundrea). Attended a baptism (Aundrea). Changed bed sheets (Aundrea). Burned fingers and/or hand (Spencer, Aundrea, Briana, Landon). Typed words to "As Zion's Youth in Latter Days" (Aundrea). Miscellaneous: shower, do hair and makeup, brush teeth, read, nap, laugh, cry (this was NOT Aundrea), blog, sudoku, pray, feed and play with the dog.
Here is what we did NOT do today: Homework! :)


Amy said...

I'm tired and all I've done is read about what you've done. And grow a baby, (I'm adding that to my daily to do list and checking it off every day too...not that it's done, but that I worked on it REAL hard.) that's good enough reason to be exhausted, right?

Also, how did Spencer's temple interview go?