Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Answer is Automatically "No" If You Don't Ask

When I was the PTA president, one of my favorite quotes was "The answer is automatically 'no' if you don't ask." So there is a vendor that has brought donuts to the office every week for about three months. And my desk is centrally located, so that is where they sit.

I started giving Jeff (the vendor) a hard time about a month ago. "Bring something healthy!" He's been promising week after week, and last week I said, "Yeah, yeah. I've heard this story."
This morning, this is what showed up in Jeff's hands. Yum!
See the link at the right of my blog for Nutrimirror. Go green!


Jacqueline said...

Mmmm. Fruit. I think fruit is way better than donuts anyday! Go you!

Amy said...

WAY better than donuts. Jeff is quickly climbing my list of vendors I love (which is funny because the only other vendor I know is Creepy McCreeperson....I guess there's no competition really)

Suzie said...

Okay wow!!! What a nice guy!!! :) You can't neat fruit huh!!! :)