Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Dear New Mommy (you know who you are):

Being a mother is the best job in the world. It really, really is.

Just like any job, however, there are challenging and un-fun moments. Here are some things you get to look forward to:

1. A child who, in spite of hearing it (and saying it himself!) 400,000 times in the past few years of his life, cannot comprehend the meaning of the word "NO." Baffling!

2. Parent Teacher Conferences. Or worse, Student-Led Conferences. That is all I'm going to say about that.

3. Your children's friends. Sometimes you don't like them.

4. Homework. I know you think you finished school. Think again. If you have 4 children, you will go through school at least 4 more times. Don't let your brain go to slush; you will be sorry if you do!

5. Your babies don't sleep a lot at night. Especially at the beginning. And when they get sick. And when they are teenagers. Just sayin'.

6. Children yell. When they are babies, we call it crying, and it breaks our hearts. When they are teenagers, it's not so cute.

7. Your children will get hurt. They fall off their skateboards. They trip and hit their heads on TVs. They date people who break their hearts. They get in fights with their friends. And every hurt they have hurts you, too. Try to be prepared. You won't be prepared.

On the flip side, you also get to look forward to:

1. Successes that feel like your own, but are even better, because your child did it. Beginning with the first words and attempts at words, to their first steps, to their first great report card, and continuing forever. Biggest hooray! ever.

2. Your children will have joy. They learn to master their skateboards. They trip and pick themselves up again. They date people who don't break their hearts. They hang out with their friends. And every joy they have is yours, too. Try to be prepared. You won't be prepared.

3. Your children's friends. You will love most of them.

4. Your children as friends.

5. When your child yells "Mommy!" with joy, just because you walked in the door. If you're lucky, s/he will do that even when he's old enough to ignore you.

6. Your heart will grow beyond what you can ever imagine is possible. And keep growing.

Get ready. The fun is about to begin!