Wednesday, September 30, 2009

To Make A Long Story Short...

Have you ever noticed that when people say "To make a long story short," it never is? This is no exception. :)

I took Lando to school this morning. We had a nice visit with the principal, who was very supportive of my concerns and for Landon's safety. She took the names of other kids who might have witnessed the incident so that Landon wouldn't be singled out as a narc. She also reassured him that they wanted him to be safe, and she offered him some safety alternatives.

I ran to my car (because it's pouring down rain--40 degrees lower in temp today than yesterday), and headed to work. But I'd only gotten a mile from home when Taylor called. He had Ashtyn and Megan in the van when they ran completely out of gas. I turned around to pick them up and take them to school.

Then I went home and picked up Briana and the gas can. We filled up the gas can and her tank (almost). She drove me to where Flo was parked, but neither of us had a key. So we went back home to get a key. We then drove back to Flo, put the gas in her tank. I drove the van to WJHS so that the kids would have a way to get home (and to their haircut appointment this afternoon).

Bri took me home, where I washed the gas off my hands and packed myself a quick lunch. She made me some hot chocolate, which I promptly spilled all down the front of my sweater. I had to get the wrinkles out of another set of clothes (I had done this last night so I didn't have to worry about it this morning--HA!).

I finally arrived at work at 10:20. *sigh*