Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Partners in Everything

Just 17 days till the Ragnar Wasatch Back relay. Have I mentioned that I'm terrified?

Saturday I needed to do a longer run. Spencer was going to run, too, so he said he'd go to the 2-mile mark with me at my pace. Which is SUPER slow. As we "ran" (it's a relative term), I huffed and puffed, while he talked and talked. And those two miles went by so fast! I said, "Please? Will you run with me at Ragnar?"

This is a totally baby-ish, unreasonable, and MEAN request. I know this.

And ya wanna know what my sweetheart said? The same sweetheart who will be running 3 difficult legs of his own said, "That's not a bad idea!"

Let's get past the "He must be nuts" part and focus on the "He really loves me" part.

So yesterday when I got up he said, "Let's go run at the Parkway." And I told him that I had a book I needed to work on, so I thought I'd just do my 3 miles from home so I could get busy on the book. So he was all ready and waiting for me when I was ready to start. And he ran with me AGAIN. And it's so much easier and more fun when he's talking me through the whole thing.

And THAT is why Spencer Hill is the man for me. (Well, that and a whole lot of other reasons!)


Jessica said...

What a great couple! That's my cute aunt and uncle! ;]