Friday, July 30, 2010

Awesome Lunch Date

My friend, Kim, is leaving the department that I work for, so a group of us went to lunch today. We did a lot of laughing; I enjoyed myself thoroughly!

The best part of all is when all the bosses in a department just wave goodbye to all of us as we leave, knowing it will be a while before we return.

Also, times like these are learning experiences. Here is what I learned:

1. Some people have to go through in vitro--TWICE--before they finally get to have a baby (coming in March!).

2. Some people love babies and motherhood just enough to have tears spring to their eyes just hearing that. (OK, so that was me.)

3. Some people love their dogs a lot.

4. People who love dogs have a LOT in common.

5. Massage is wonderful. Laughing at other people's massage stories is even better.

6. I don't like the chips at the Garden Restaurant.

7. Secretaries get really attached to the people they help.

8. Church is the best place to learn and do good stuff.

9. Church is the best place to laugh. A lot. (Usually after the fact.)


Amy said...

Bah! Who has baby news? And hooray for ALL involved. :D I'm glad you got to laugh today.