Saturday, March 2, 2013

Blessing #7,892

This week has been a HUGE favorite in the list of "Ways We Have Been Blessed By Having a Missionary." 

Last week T was really distressed.  My brain knows that he was probably fine by 5:00 that evening, and definitely by the next day.  But I cannot just call him and check in, so for a week I worried and prayed over that particular challenge he was having.

Blessedly, our son had had a good week when we heard from him on Monday.  That always eases my mind.

But wait! There's more!  Later on Monday I received an email and a picture from one of the sisters in the ward he is serving in.  Because of the specific frustrations Elder Hill had had, this was a particular blessing--although any time we hear from someone else about our children, it is blessing.  :) 

Anyway, I wrote back to this sweet sister immediately.  We have now shared DOZENS of emails, and I have a kindred spirit living in Canada.  Isn't that fantastic?

Icing on the cake:  Denise's daughter is coming to SLC to serve her mission at Temple Square in April, so I will get to reciprocate missionary-lovin' with HER daughter.  I can hardly wait!


Denise said...

Hooray!! That I have yours, you will have mine and we have each other :D