Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Blowing Kisses

When our kids were little, we gave lots and lots of kisses.  At least 1,000 whenever possible.  If we weren't kissing, we often blew one another kisses.  If you were the recipient, you had to grab the kiss out of the air and put it on your face.

I have this vision of little bits of blown kisses--pieces that detached from the main kiss--floating around in the air, sticking to people as they walk by.  Isn't it a nice thought that someone might have left you little bits of love that are just sticking to you?

And MAYBE even a real kiss leaves little bits of itself in the air because it didn't fully stick to the recipient or there was too much to sink in fast enough, so now it's just floating around.  :)

If I could draw at all, I would draw you a picture of this.  It's hard to do in stick figure form, though.

Profound thinking.


Amy said...

That is a work of art I'd buy. Aren't you glad that even though you may not be able to draw figures precisely you can describe them so beautifully they don't need to be drawn? I am.