Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Sometimes the cafeteria smells so good!  Sometimes it smells like elementary school.

Sometimes I think I am strong.  Sometimes I just want to curl into a ball and sleep.

Sometimes I do good things for the right reasons.  Sometimes I do good things for the wrong reasons.  Sometimes I don't do anything.

Sometimes I think my children are the cutest, most wonderful people in the world.  Sometimes I'd like to sell them to the gypsies (did your mother ever use that phrase?).

Sometimes I'd KILL for a chocolate chip cookie.  Sometimes that cookie is very disappointing.

Sometimes I think I've picked the perfect outfit.  Sometimes I wonder what I was thinking.


Amy said...

My mother never said the gypsy thing, but my best friend in high school's FATHER did. So now I do. He also told us to "go play in the street" more than once...so....there's that.

I love you.