Saturday, April 11, 2009

Dear Runner:

Did you really get to run today? I'm just wondering, because I was awed by you.

First of all, you weren't very tall, especially compared to your great dane, who nearly reached your shoulders. He was obviously a very friendly dog. He greeted the little mop-dog who passed you just ahead of me with a lot of enthusiam. Luckily mop-dog's "mom" was obviously a dog-lover, so she and mop-dog stopped and visited with you. Your dog did pretty well sitting nicely once the original niceties were done. That was lucky, because that first greeting nearly pulled you off your feet.

It probably would have been easier to hold onto your dog if your right hand wasn't occupied with your coolio three-wheeled running stroller, only half-filled with your adorable 5- to 6-month old baby. Mop-dog's mommy had to meet him, too. I don't blame her; I would have loved to make his acquaintance myself!

And just out of curiosity, where is Mommy in all of this? Don't get me wrong. I'm a mom myself, and I know how precious some "me" time can be. Is that why you had both the baby and the dog--to save Mommy's sanity? If that is the case, you are a good man. And a brave one. I doubt the Jordan River Parkway is where I would take them both for a little getaway.

So I'm still wondering--did you really get to run today? I'll bet you need a nap...


Jessica and Tim said...

Though I'm not a man, I did go running today, but without my kids. :o) Yes, I do need a nap.