Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tag #2--I'm Really Thankful!

Thanks to Jessica for this tag. Here are 5 things I'm thankful for:

1. My family. Actually, I could list Spence and our children individually, but that seemed like cheating. I am so grateful to be a wife to this extremely wonderful man and a mother to our beautiful, talented children. BTW, anyone who doesn't adore and enjoy their teenagers is missing out on one of the most fun stages of life!

2. My job. Since this is a different season in my life than 10 years ago, I went back to work full time. I took the place of someone who was leaving full time employment to be a mommy full time. If she has the best job in the world (and nothing beats being Mom), then mine is the second best. The people I work with, the environment I get to spend my day in, even the work I do is THE BEST. I am happy to go to work every day. I believe that is an incredible blessing, and I hope you all get to be that happy in your employment! Thanks, Tim, for letting Jessica be a full-time wife and mom; it gave me the chance to have the best job ever! (Amy, you're still just mediocre--don't get any ideas!) AND, in these difficult economic times, it is a blessing to have employment at all. I thank heaven daily for this incredible blessing.

3. The restored gospel of Jesus Christ. Heavenly Father's plan for our happiness is a gift to all of His earthly children. What makes it even more incredible for me (and most of the people I know) is that I KNOW His plan. I have the temple, the scriptures, the prophets, the priesthood ordinances and covenants, and the direction that can lead us back to our heavenly home--and beyond! I could go on and on. I love the gospel and I'm thankful for the direction it gives my life every day and in every way. I'm far from perfect, but it makes a difference, I promise.

4. A healthy body. There was a time when I thought that this would not be my blessing by the time I got to the ripe old age of 40. While I feel the aches and pains that are coming with middle age (did I really just say that? No! I'm YOUNG!), I am in fabulous health, and I'm able to do the things I want to do.

5. The chance I've had to travel. I hope to do a lot more of this as the years pass. With Spencer. I love to see all the different parts of the world--the geography, the people, the customs, the food. I love it all! I really haven't been to very many places. But I've been in a tropical rain forest and an arctic rain forest; I've been to our nation's capital (sp?); I've seen banana trees and coconut trees and cactus and evergreens; I climbed the ziggurat at Chichen Itza; I've been scuba diving (sigh! Heaven!), hiking, cruising, kayaking. Every little thing is heavenly. Imagine a celestial world!--This telestial world is amazing!

I could go on and on, but I think I was limited to 5, and you don't want to read all night. Tag! You're it!