Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Spotlight On..

These are my parents, Shauna and Jon Fish. Some FAQs about them:
1. They were high school enemies/sweethearts in Heber, Utah.
2. They have five children and twenty grandchildren.
3. They love to travel.
4. They love to do pretty much anything together. Mom's not an athlete and Daddy's not a daredevil, but they still go to amusement parks and ballgames together.
5. They've been married for 41 years. Straight. To each other.
6. They weigh... Well, never mind the particulars. But thanks to their healthy lifestyle, they are both in fabulous shape right now!
Here is a non-comprehensive list of things that I love about them:
1. They've always been interested in what I was doing and who I was with. They even blog-stalk my friend Amy. In fact, my mom knew Amy was pregnant before I did. That hurts. A little.
2. They continue to teach me. And my brothers and sisters. And our children. Right is right, and wrong is wrong, and they stand as moral compasses for me. While many kids wanted to do things just to "show" their parents, I always cared about doing the right thing for them. I still do.
3. They are completely devoted to each other. This is perhaps the greatest blessing any child could ever receive!
4. They are cute. I'm glad for that, because at different times of my life I've been told that I look like both of them. :)
5. They know how to love, and they show that love isn't just how you feel--it's how you behave and how you ARE. I'm still working on that, but I have excellent examples!
6. They have always made me feel valued. I could go on and on about this one, but the bottom line is I have never felt looked down upon for being a child, being a girl, being stupid, or being whatever else I might be. OK, maybe once, Daddy, but I'm over it. Really. :)
7. They are generous. This has been a blessing for our family and for many people we love and for many people we don't even know.
8. They are happy and positive. While I was growing up, everything was an adventure, and as long as we were together it was OK. That's a great way to start a life, and a great characteristic to emulate!
I could go on and on. Mostly I want you to know that NOBODY has better parents than I have! I love you, Mom and Daddy!


gavn8r said...

That was great, sis.