Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tag #1--Things I Like About Me

This idea came from Jen, who sort of got the idea from me. (Isn't it great how we help each other?)

I like that I...

...laugh easily. Unlike Jen, I am getting scowl lines, but I promise they are just from concentrating. I hope I get lots of laugh/smile lines, because I love to laugh!

...have empathy for people, even if it means that I cry a lot. Joy or sorrow, nobody cries alone.

...have dark brown hair. OK, it's going lighter (no! it's NOT gray!), but I've always like my hair color. I know this is a little shallow, but I'm not exactly a super-model; I think it's OK to like my hair color. :)

...can organize things. You wouldn't always know it from the condition of our home, but I can organize time, events, etc., etc. This has allowed me opportunities to work with fantastic people, lead organizations, and keep my sanity. confident. People may think I'm cocky or overbearing. If that's what you think, I am truly sorry. It's just that I can think for myself, act for myself, decide for myself, and express myself. If you don't want to know, you better not ask me! The good news is that I can take all of this from you, too; and I can agree to disagree with you without being rude or angry.

Tag! You're it!


Jen said...

I love your list. I've had great conversations with you that my face hurt after from smiling so much! I adore you!