Friday, April 24, 2009

Eating My Words -OR- STOP MURMURING!

Tonight I got to sing at a stake-sponsored art exhibit. This is a really nice exhibit. It's open to the public for the next two evenings. If you have some time, you ought to come.

All of that said, I have spent the day grumpy and murmuring. It's because I'm tired. It's because I've done nothing but church stuff all freakin' week. It's because I really just want to get OUT of my nylons and INTO my jammies. It's because there ought to be SOMEONE else who will do something. It's because I'm a stinkin', rotten BRAT.

So I came home and pouted some more. And then I put on the nylons and the heels and headed to the building. Where my friend, Sandy (who pulled me into this), announced that her mother died today. Where my friend, Annalee, agreed to sing "The Lord Is My Shepherd" with me. Where my friends, Phil and Eric, just played for me while I sang because I asked them to--even without prior notice OR rehearsal. Where I felt the Spirit of the Lord.

And I wonder--Why do I murmur? It always turns out to be worth it. Even in hose and heels. Even on a Friday night away from home. Even without my family there.

I already know the answer: I'm a spoiled, rotten BRAT! Thank goodness Heavenly Father loves me and blesses me anyway. Imagine how much more I'd be blessed WITHOUT the murmuring.

Note to self: Shut up and do it. (You'll be glad, I promise.)

N0te to my co-workers: Thank you for listening. And loving me anyway.


Amy said...

:D I'm glad it was good, and I'm sorry about the nylons....blah.

I definitely wasn't a good influence on you today - you didn't need my griping and moaning to encourage yours - sorry about that! Here's hoping Monday is a better day.

Coles Fam said...

Thanks for this post. I really needed it. Last week was frustrating, so it helped me remember that I get frustrated over "just stuff" and I need to remember how blessed I am. Thanks.