Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Celebrating Life

This post will not be that interesting or funny, but my heart is filled with gratitude, and I believe I will record it here. You will not hurt my feelings if you exit this blog now--I will never know! :)

My mom turns 60 today. She's an incredible lady, and she has been my hero my whole life. She has an incredible moral compass, and I will always choose the right if I ask myself "What would Mom say/do?"

My boss's daughter in Idaho had a 6 pound, 9 ounce baby boy this morning. All is well with both. I can't help but think today is a great day to have a birthday! (Now if they'd just hand him to the strange woman working in Grandpa's office so she could kiss and squeeze. I doubt that's going to happen.)

The gospel is true. What an amazing gift!

The Holy Ghost witnesses, reminds, protects, and guides. I cherish this gift, especially when I forget and receive a sweet reminder.

My sweetheart loves me. I love him. We love our kids. They love us. "...and so you see, we are a happy family." The other day our daughter was texting a friend and reported to me how sad it was that his family shared nothing--no possessions, no time, and not much love. We are so grateful for each of our children, who also happen to be fabulous people who we get to associate with daily. Life is blessed and full and wonderful.

My health is really good. I could stand to lose a few pounds. I need to get back on the exercise wagon. But I'm not blind or numb or shaky or weak. I can walk, talk, and take care of myself and others. For someone who has MS, this is a miracle, and my heart is filled.

Today is Christmas. Spencer and I finally get to see Wicked tonight!

We have employment. We are so grateful to have good employment.

We are surrounded by AWESOME people. Look around you--you are, too! Isn't it fabulous how many wonderful people there are in this world? Too bad all we ever hear reported is the bad stuff. I'm still convinced that in this world there are more good people than bad, more good events than bad, more happy stuff than sad.

Have a happy, grateful day!


T said...

My turn to say, "Amen, Amen and amen!"

Jess said...

Wow, Choking back tears right now. Today is my mom's birthday as well. And my mom has MS. Wow. I am feeling overwhelmed with gratitude. Thank you.

And a special thank you for Saturday night. I am sure you know what for. That was by far the best compliment I have ever had. I am so glad I got to meet all the amazing people Tayler gets to work with! I am jealous...but I guess my boys keep me pretty happy too :)

Amy said...

Happy birthday mom! I love your mom, she's fantastic. I'm glad she was born.

Also, I agree with the more good than bad business. I'm glad you're here to remind me of that every now and again. :)