Friday, April 29, 2011

I Turned It Down

I was offered a job today.  It would have been more money.  I think I would have liked the job.

But all this past week, the Lord kept reminding me about all of the things that I have started but haven't yet finished.  And He reminded me of my first and most important jobs as wife and mother, which still require a lot of my attention.

So I told the person making the offer that I had spent considerable time thinking and praying about this decision, and I felt that I needed to turn it down.  I told him that I was honored that they would offer me the job, and I hoped that this current decision would not preclude my opportunity to work there sometime in the future when the timing was better.  He assured me that it would not and that they understood how decisions are made.  I wished him a nice day  and returned that to me, and the call was over.  Just like that.

I'm a little bit sad, and a little bit relieved.  But I made the right decision for right now.


Amy said...

You'll be glad. You are always glad when you do what you know you should. Always.

Tahnee said...

That had to be tough. You are such a strong person. It's so true that doing the right thing always brings peace and happiness. I'm so glad you post these kinds of things. It helps me a lot. Thanks!!!

amb said...

Good for you!