Friday, April 8, 2011

I'm Bored. Join Me!

Things at work continue to be very slow, very quiet, and very boring.  My boss is now back from Hawaii (without me--RUDE!!), but he's so busy catching up that there's no time for me.  The only thing that has picked up is the ringing of the phone.

So I'm texting my children (sorry, teachers!), emailing friends, catching up on Facebook, and considering what I could possibly blog.

Scott once told me that he listened to his Playlist while he was at work.  Such a great idea, and one I have shared with others.  The only problem with that is that sometimes I don't wanna leave my desk to do the things I need to do, because this really great song is on.  :)  Ridiculous!

See how deeply I'm thinking?  Frightening, isn't it?


Amy said...

I know you don't care - but there is absolutely NOTHING on TV right now... just sayin', you're not the only one.

amb said...