Monday, April 11, 2011

There Are Two Types of People In This World

The first person who ever said this to me was a biology teacher.  The two people-types?  Sneezers and non-sneezers.  I am a non-sneezer.  Spencer is a sneezer--the sun gets up his nose.

But I digress...

My mother-in-law told me last week that she sometimes looks up my blog and reads it.  But not all of it because I "write a lot!"  My mother-in-law is clearly a non-blogger. 

I--on the other hand--am a blogger.  I only have 18 followers of this blog, so I'm not going to change the world or anything.  Most of you probably disagree with 80% of what I say anyway. 

But if I log on and someone on my blog list hasn't posted SOMETHING on their blog, I feel very let down; therefore I feel a little bit of responsibility to do my part and blog something every once in a while, too. 

I have made friends through blogging, and I genuinely care about these people I have never met.  They are part of my life and my heart.

In the end, this blog is all mine.  It gives me a chance to write and read and think and express.  If it's too much, I apologize oh well!


Amy said...

I like you - and if YOU talk too much....WHOA! :D

Noelle said...

I like you too...and you don't blog too much!