Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I finished my stupid, hateful, poorly-organized, momentum-killing eBusiness class.  I got the stupid, hateful, 26-page task turned in this morning.

I expect there will be a re-write.  Hopefully it won't be 26 stupid, hateful, momentum-killing pages of re-write.

P.S.  I HATE marketing.  Now I know at least one thing I DON'T wanna be when I grow up.


Amy said...

You hate marketing? I always loved those classes, but I was no good at it, I just wanted to be Meg Ryan in Kate & Leopold and run a bunch of marketing studies. Glad it's over.

Jessica and Tim said...

Marketing is the one aspect of business school that Tim is so not a fan of. I can hear his mind cogs churning and thinking - anything but marketing. I happen to agree, though.