Thursday, April 28, 2011

The One Where My Dad is Famous

Because so many of you asked, I thought I would tell you about the job interview I had on Wednesday.
I was totally shocked that they wanted to see me again, because seriously?  That personality "interview" was a real morale booster.  Not!  I got finished and thought, "I don't even like me after that.  Why would anyone else want to get to know more about me?"  And also, "TMI, Aundrea.  TMI."

But I got an email from the secretary to Elder S. asking if I could meet with him that morning.  So about an hour later I was in his office.  We had a nice visit, and he said my tests were very impressive and I was the kind of person they liked to have in that building. 

We talked about my education being in Northern California, and he mentioned that he was going to Sacramento for a fireside or devotional in the temple in a couple of weeks.  As I was walking out of his office I said, "Well, if you happen to see my dad in the temple, tell him hello."  Elder Snow replied that he would and asked, "Who is your dad?"  I said, "His name is Jon Fish."  He literally stopped in his tracks, said, "Get out of here!  You are Jon B.'s daughter?  Get back in here!"  And he had me come back into his office, where he told me that he is married to one of my dad's childhood friends from St.George, and he was just at a reunion with my aunt and two uncles, and everyone was so disappointed that my dad could not be there.  We laughed and laughed before he escorted me out of his office for a second time.

Later that same day one of my co-workers stopped at my desk and said, "I understand I get to meet your father in a couple of weeks."

Daddy, I'm really sorry if I'm putting a cramp in your style or setting you up for failure or something.

And thank you for setting me up for success and love everywhere I go.  I love you!


Amy said...

:D Name-dropping is the right thing to do.

Also, of COURSE they love you! What's not to love?