Monday, May 18, 2009

Book Review

I was pleasantly surprised last week to read an email from my co-worker recommending this book, which she had picked up at Deseret Book. I was happy because the author, Lisa Mangum, is an editor/proofer with whom I have worked. Because of the happy recommendation; because I wanted to support my friend Lisa; and because I'm a book slut, I decided to go buy this book. (I think it is listed at $19.95.) I finished reading it last night, and I am a fan!

For those who liked the "Twilight" books, I can guarantee that you will like this book: mysterious boy (who is NOT a vampire, by the way), fantasy mystery, a little romance. Good stuff. I will admit that I liked Twilight, but I frankly got really tired of the whiny main character. I liked this book much better.

And I'm not just saying that because I know the author. :)


Amy said...

Glad you enjoyed it! Do you have a list as long as Tahnee's to check out your copy? Maybe I should just buy it....OR maybe I should buy something for my baby instead of for my bookshelf. I have such hard decisions to make!