Thursday, May 28, 2009

Work Conversations 2

"Text it to me. I'll ignore it."

"The maintenance guy in the bed next to me..."

"I don't know anybody who works in the temple. I've never been there."

"Seriously? How much snot do they have on that floor?"

"That falcon is a bad person!"

"What's with all the Mormons on Temple Square?"

"No, I want him to sweat: 'Oh, no! They've hire someone to take my place!'"

"Why do they have to do their work during the day while we're working?"

"I think maybe I'm getting what you've got." (said to a pregnant woman)


Amy said...

It's been a REALLY good day, I forgot how good it was until just NOW! So, thank you. :)

Jessica and Tim said...

I'd like to know who there besides Paul can actually text. :o)

wjmom said...

Amy and Scott can text. Robin can receive texts. Everything else is, well...