Monday, May 4, 2009

On Graduating and other pains in life

OK, at this moment in our lives, there IS NOTHING more painful than graduation.

Spencer is on his very last class. It will last for another 27 days (but who is counting?). It requires a lot of paper-writing and reading, neither of which is Spencer's forte. The good news is that my Superman is committed to finishing, though he is, admittedly, trunky.

Case in point: I took a nice 45-minute snooze yesterday. He wrote a paper. I rest my case.


Briana now has 8 days to complete her online class, which will make up for a class she failed in 9th grade. 9th grade. We already bought the packet for this one once. (sigh.)

Up till now we've sort of taken a hands-off approach. No more. It's time to roll up our sleeves and be the parents. It's probably past time, but there's no use beating ourselves up, right?

So yesterday Spencer sees her headed for her room. He mouths to her, "Work on some homework." She gives the martyr's sigh and moans, "OoooooKaaaayyyy." Three minutes later I am in the kitchen when I realize that Bri has headed for her room. I was unaware of what had taken place three minutes previously, so I call out, "Bri? Whatcha doin'?" Long pause. "Reading." "Get out your homework and get to work, please."

5 minutes later she exits her room with pen and notebook and red eyes. Her supportive parents clear the entire upstairs of obnoxious children and pets (read: Landon and Bella) so that she can work in peace and quiet.

This morning I taught our daughter how to create an outline for an essay. If she hadn't failed 9th grade English maybe she would already know this.

And we have 8 days to complete this. And 15 days to complete a geometry packet. And 30 days to do attendance school and pull up four (count them--FOUR!) classes that she is currently failing (her last quarter of her senior year!).

Do you think we'll all pull it off? Vote at the right...


The Vuki Family said...

But mom, all she wants to become is a mom. Wish I'd gone to school! Good Luck Sister! Love you!

Amy said...

In my mind, that child is capable of ANYTHING. Plus she has a fabulous built-in tutor.