Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Laughing Through Life

In the course of the past 4 hours, here is an abbreviated list of conversations I have participated in:

"Just a warning. If you ask [this person] how he is doing, HE WILL TELL YOU."

"Does anyone know why Deseret Book pulled 'Twilight' from their shelves? You do?! Seriously, is there anything you DON'T know?"

"Yeah, and then there was the time when one of my Tongan extended family members left their 10-year-old with me for two weeks, and then just never came back."

"So I said, 'President, when you die, it will NOT be of an enlarged heart.'"

I also received my email offer for Oprah's free KFC meal and I got called a witch (by myself) and a bouncer (by someone else) for trying to keep someone out of a manager's office.

If you can't laugh at my job, it is time to die.


Jess said...

How funny that I am laughing out loud at these conversations and have no clue what they are actually about. Love it.