Friday, May 15, 2009

Doing Stuff Together

Here is the list of the things I love to do, even though Spencer can't really do it with me:


Here is the list of the things Spence loves to do, even though I can't do it with him:


Here is a non-comprehensive list of the things Spencer and I like to do together:

Read, hang out, watch movies, go for walks, fix dinner, eat dinner, clean up dinner (and breakfast and lunch), play, clean the house, work in the yard, travel, watch our boys play lacrosse, go to plays, go to sporting events, go to museums, shop, go to concerts, go to meetings, go to church, go to the temple, do laundry, take a ride, scuba dive, kiss (and other mushy stuff), laugh, joke, help with homework, go to youth conference, prepare lessons. You get the idea.

Let's be honest here: I don't like to do all these things. I'm pretty sure Spence doesn't like to do all these things. But if we're going to do them, we love to do them together. Sometimes we do stuff together separately, like he works on the kitchen while I fold the laundry. But we're at peace if we can do things together.

All of that said, I am really grateful that we both have something we like to do, and that there's little to no jealousy or irritation because the other person is doing that thing. Just yesterday I got an email that invited me to participate in a choir which is singing at a concert to benefit the Veteran's Hospital. They're doing all big band stuff. How fun does that sound? I asked Spence what he thought of my participating and he replied, "Sounds great! Sing away!"

This is the email I got from Spence today: Hey great news; I get to run Ragnar (Wasatch Back) from Logan to Park City. 187 miles in 24 hrs. 12 person team. June 19-20. I am Runner Eleven, My first leg is 3.8 miles all uphill; my second leg starts at the Spring Chicken Inn, and runs past Rockport Reservoir 7 miles around lake; and the last leg is 7 miles downhill from the top of Guardsman Pass almost into Park City.

I love that he is so excited about this trek through hell--oops! I mean fabulous run. I love that he is so prepared. I love that he get the chance to do what he loves.

In October he is going to run the St. George marathon. I am going to St. George with him for the weekend. While he has fun running, I will have fun crafting and watching General Conference in a silent hotel room (bliss!). And then we will have fun doing whatever we want to do TOGETHER. I really love that.