Friday, May 28, 2010

Adventures in Running -OR- Cinderella at the COB

I have started taking my running clothes to work with me. When my work shift ends, I change into my running clothes. Then I grab the bus, which drops me off at my car. I put my bag of work clothes into the trunk and head straight out for the daily run, because the track is right by the parking lot.

This is good because if I go home, I get doing other things (like eating cookie dough or going to bed), and I don't go run. This way the run gets done before I even get home.

This is bad because people in the COB (where there is a fairly strict dress code) stare at me in my spandex running gear. I don't blame them, really. I wouldn't necessarily want to look at me in spandex. But I gotta do what works for the run. My apologies to EVERYONE.

Yesterday I threw all my work clothes into my bag and headed outside to catch the bus. Which was already sitting at the stop. So I took off on a run to catch it. The bus driver was nice enough to wait for me (kudos to UTA for hiring nice people!). And I did my run. And when I got home and started unloading my clothes, I realized that I was missing a shoe. I distinctly remembered putting one shoe in my bag, but I was pretty sure the other shoe was still in the bathroom cubicle. *sigh*

This morning I went into the restroom first thing, and my shoe was sitting squarely centered on the flowered ottoman in the outer area. It looked like the picture of Cinderella's slipper on the royal pillow as the prince is searching the land for his true love. (Luckily for me, I already found my handsome prince. And he was NOT in the COB8 ladies' room!)

In a way I'm glad the shoe didn't end up in Lost and Found. That would be the second time I've had to retrieve shoes. (Tonight the custodians will laugh about that shoe being claimed from its royal post.)


Amy said...

i love you for a million reasons. this is just one.