Saturday, May 15, 2010

All Alone

I am home alone. I am not afraid. :)

Spencer and Taylor (and Taylor's friend, Colton) went to Mosida to work on Tay's Eagle project.

Briana and Ashtyn (and Whitney) went to Logan to spend the weekend at Jessica's house (Jax is there, too)--girls' weekend! (How fun does it sound to spend a weekend with all your girl cousins?)

Landon is at a Scout campout.

This morning I fixed myself a healthy, protein-filled breakfast. I just jogged 3 miles (slower than you, Amy. You could have gone another mile and a half in the time it took me to go 3 miles). I'm gonna go outside and mow the front yard. I also need to do the dishes. Because yikes!

Spencer's mom is taking me to the Hale Centre Theatre this afternoon.

It's gonna be a nice day.

P.S. The weather's supposed to get to 75 today. Finally! *sigh of contentment*


Amy said...

You just ran 15 (FIF-TEEN?!?!?!?!) MILES?! Seriously?! Dude.

I couldn't have done that if my life depended on it and you know it. You would've had to pick me up around mile 4 and dragged me. Wouldda slowed you down. A lot.


Jacqueline said...


You're amaaaazing! Us girls are sitting here reading your blob and we love you mucho mucho! Next time you're invited and...

Jessica says: You're in charge

Ashtyn says: WOOT! Way to go Mom!

Whitney says: Jacqueline's stuck doing the dishes too.

Briana says: Good job mommy! Have fun at the play!

Jax says: Miss you!

Myla says: Candy? Cookie? More?!?!?

wjmom said...

Heeheehee! I just realized that I typed 15 miles, when I meant 3 miles at a 15 minute per mile pace.

Yeah, right. ME jogging 15 miles would mean I was an actual runner. Big laugh. Cuz seriously?

That is all.