Monday, May 17, 2010

Dear Friend,

Did you know that our gardeners are beginning to take out the tulips and put in the summer flowers? Only not all of them, because our friend, the grounds manager, knows that God created pink tulips just for me; and since they still look nice he is leaving as many as he can where they belong so that I can enjoy God's personal gift for just a little while longer. Even though some of the summer flowers might die in the greenhouse. He loves me. (God AND Mr. Manager--take your pick!)

And I know that you are sitting in your refrigerated living room cursing the heat, while I am outside blessing the "8" that is the first number of today's temperature and shouting to anyone who will listen, "It's about time!"

Tonight you will probably pull out the icee machine and fill a glass with shaved ice and maybe something wonderful like strawberry juice. And your tastebuds will think you've died and gone to heaven. And I will draw myself some room-temperature water, which will neither hurt my teeth nor make me shiver. And I'll maybe have an M&M chaser with my tepid water.

And after bedtime for the little ones, you will perch in front of your fan and wish that you could cool off just. a. little. bit. And I will be on my bed, with my feet tucked beneath the down quilt, wishing that the heat could have lasted just a tiny bit longer.

Loves to people with everything in common, and even more to you!


Amy said...

Dear Aundrea,

Either I'm too predictable or I talk too much. Either way, thanks for loving me anyway!