Monday, May 17, 2010


I took my small bowl of frozen yogurt and almonds for a walk this afternoon. My sunglasses called to me from their case, but in spite of having to squint, I simply HAD to see each minute detail of color--so many colors I don't have names for all of them (where is Crayola when you need them?)! I savored small bites of my treat as I strolled through Temple Square. There were blossom petals and seed pods raining down on me like feather-pennies from the sky. The air slips satiny cool on my skin--no jacket today! I catch the fragrance of freshly-turned soil and sweet blossoms, skimming around and through me with each few steps that I take. There are construction noises--even they are blessed proof that we are no longer cooped inside!--and children's laughter and conversation. The birds phone their neighbors and scold their children.

Soon it will be summer and the world will get just a tiny bit lazy. But oh! blessed spring!


Amy said...

Does it still count as Spring if it's TOO DANG HOT to walk outside? *sigh* This sounds lovely. I'm just not entirely sure I believe it really is lovely. :)