Thursday, May 6, 2010

Have You Ever Wondered?

Have you ever wondered about genes?

Today a young woman came to my desk. She was brunette, but she had the same eyes and smile as my friend, Suzi.

The woman who works down the hall from me has the same voice and laugh as my friend, Cathy. Coincidentally, her maiden name is the same as Cathy's married name.

Apparently there was a blond me working in a hotel in London a few years ago.

In 6th grade I knew identical twins, and I met their "triplet" the next year when we moved to another town.

Another woman I work with looks just like a girl I knew in California.

Once we were in the St. George temple and one of the workers there had my grandmother's eyes (my dad's eyes are really close to those, but that's no mystery, is it?).

And it makes me wonder. Do these people have a shared 6th great-grandmother who looked just like they do?

It just makes me go "Hmmm..."