Monday, May 3, 2010

How to Live A Happy Life

If you are over 18 and have graduated from high school, you have all the tools you need to live joyfully every day. It's true! Here's how:

Think about all the different kids from your school. Imagine those who are awful just because they can be. Think about the faces of those who are miserable. Feeling happy yet?

Wait, there's more. Think about the smell of the school: the chlorine from the pool, the mixed odors of hot dogs and salad dressing and hot cooking oil, the stale foot and body odor that emanate from the gym and the locker rooms, the raw pheromones.

Still not happy? How about the "pleasant" looks on the faces of the teachers as they greet you for yet another wonder-filled day of Napoleon, the quadratic equation, or sentence diagramming?

Seriously, we ought to all be ecstatically happy every single day because we are no longer in high school.

I have a word on the tip of my tongue that describes the teacher I met with today. Speaking like a Christian and a lady is currently very difficult. See 2 Peter 2:16.


Amy said...


Ann said...

Thank you! I needed this.

I love how vivid your details are!

Ann said...

btw your Winnemucca story was classic.

Jess said...

I got nauseated just reading that. Oh how happy I am to be done with high school, at least until my kids grow a bit bigger. Thanks for the scripture funny :)

Jacqueline said...

**Sigh** (Of pure relief) I am so happy not to be in high school anymore. I like the way you make me smile everytime your posts :) Love ya lots and thanks for being so wonderful!!!