Thursday, August 5, 2010

Aren't You Glad?

If I wasn't sitting alone all the time, you would not hear from me. Aren't you glad I sit alone all day long?

Today I asked Jesse if he would use _____'s account code and order me a fridge for my house. He said he was sure he could do that. But he was also sure that we would both be escorted off the premises. Permanently.

I replied that we might get escorted out of the Church. He said, "Yes. And you are the ward activities committee chairman. But I am the stake president. There is a place right on that form that asks if the person involved in losing their church membership was a leader."

A few minutes later I said, "Jesse, I'm really sorry you know what that form looks like."

He walked out of his office with tears in his eyes. He said, "I have learned that Jesus Christ, the Son of God, can make it right for everyone. If any one of us will do everything that we can to allow him to make it right for us, we can return to the presence of God our Father. THAT is what that form means to me."

Shortest devotional ever. Also the best one.


Amy said...

I would like to sit there with you and listen to him. I would like that OH so much!

T said...

I am glad you sit alone! I love hearing your wise words!

Ann said...

I'm with Amy AND T. Now go and treat yourself with some M & M's. Bacon, too!

Noelle said...

wow...just wow. i have chills...