Sunday, August 22, 2010

Progress, But It Doesn't Look Like It

The boys are moved into their room.

The girls' room has been cleaned, masked, and textured.

All three bookshelves are in the dining room.

Two other shelves are in the pantry (thanks for the suggestion, Lo!).

The organ, Bri's cedar chest, and Bri's sewing table need to find a home, so do many boxes of "stuff."

Our kids need to finish getting their stuff out of the downstairs bathroom and into the upstairs bathroom.  I helped them a little bit yesterday.

The huge, heavy file cabinet needs to come upstairs.

We need to swap our sofas and loveseats.

We need to figure out what to do with all of our movies.

We need to get rid of the TV (and buy a new one).

We need to paint the girls' room, set up their bunk beds, and put together their closet and organizer.

Why is it that you can work all day long and feel like you haven't even made a dent?


Becky said...

I suggest you put all your dvd's in giant cd cases. That's what we do and then they only take up one shelf for thousands of dvd's! You just need to be willing to part with your dvdmboxes.