Sunday, August 29, 2010

House Update

This is what the dining room looks like.  It's worse than this picture suggests.  There is a path to the computer, but you have to go around the table, which is currently covered with junk.  Most of this stuff--including the organ--will need to go into storage.  We'll probably have to rent a storage unit.
I cleaned the living room carpet on Friday night.  It's still our dingy carpet, but it's missing the stain spots (darn!).  We still need to bring our furniture upstairs and take the Fishes' furniture downstairs.
The girls have made their bedroom look adorable!  Besides the cute paint job, they've done a fantastic job in organizing all their stuff.  (I snapped this picture while they were asleep--yup, Ash is sleeping with her legs up like that.  :) )
The closet pictures on the right is the one you can see in the picture above.  Spencer added another closet (the one on the left).  Both sit on top of the existing, built-in desk, which you can see below. 
This picture doesn't do justice to how well they've organized their stuff.  Shoes on the bottom shelves, personal items on the middle shelves.  Clothes hung in the closet.  The hair and makeup stuff is in the organizer with white drawers.  Bri bought a mirror for the space between the two closets, and they sit on the stool to get themselves ready.

Ashtyn got her downstairs bedroom completely emptied, so Brant and Laurie will be able to move in there.  I think they cleaned the carpet last night.  Moving into that room will free up their "kitchen" (formerly the preschool).  That will also allow room for us to move furniture up the back stairwell, which is wider and much easier to maneuver through.

We also emptied the family room (except for furniture), which involved emptying all of the DVD cases and putting the disks into an organizer.

Most of the visual work happened while the Fishes were out and about.  They were pretty excited to come home to open space for them to use. 

The end (of Phase I) is in sight.  It's getting exciting.

And for all you nay-sayers out there:  Yes, this is working out beautifully.  WE LOVE HAVING THIS FAMILY HERE WITH US!


Jacqueline said...

Wow! That is looking great!

Amy said...

Who dared nay-say? Gutsy move. :)

I bet the DVD reorganization was a full day's job in itself! Go you! (Are they still organized and numbered? How'd you do it? I really want to know.)

Bow Baby said...


Jessica and Tim said...

I swear that if I don't keep close tabs on you, I miss out on everything. While my drama has been playing out (thus inhibiting my online time), you've been having some major changes, too. You're up on 11 now? I can't keep track anymore. Who are you working for now? I need to come in sometime soon to show off my brood. I also have to get my pic taken for security for Tab Choir. I'll let you know when that day is. Cheers.