Thursday, August 26, 2010

Signs of a Good Life

My boss took a very long lunch today.  He's entitled to do that.  But he feels guilty about it.

I think that's weird.  But that's just me.

He was in his office, with the door closed, for another hour or so after his long lunch.  Meeting.

When he finally walked out of his office he apologized, because he had to go to another meeting.  I'm not really sure why the apology.  Do I look like I need a babysitter?  Does he think I wish I were in all those meetings?  I don't know...

Anyway, all this guilt-mongering was to my benefit, when my boss got back from that last meeting with a brownie in tow.  For me.

Yup, I'm gonna like this job.  :)


Sara J Low said...

Yes, you will love DJ. He is a good man! If I didn't like DC and MS so much I would have fought for that position. But I think 5 years on 11 was enough for me.