Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The End of the World As We Know It

I now "live" on the 11th floor.  I swore I would never work here.  Ever.  Like, I would rather DIE than work here. 

But here I am.  And so far I like it.

Yesterday I attended a meeting with the managers I worked with in a different division.  One of them--who I had met and not particularly liked before he left for his mission--sat near me during our lunch.  We spoke about some of his mission experiences. 

He also lives on the 11th floor.  As he walked past my desk this morning, he waved at me.

He. waved. at. me.

Please do not misunderstand.  I do not care.

But I think that perhaps the world is ending.  I can only handle so much weirdness before I begin to question...


Sara J Low said...

I'm Peeing my pants! He WAVED?!?!? He actually talks to me once in a while too... SHOCK! AND I'm not as cute as I was 5 years and 50lbs ago. Sometimes I hate this place for that very reason, 5 years = 50 extra lbs.

I think it's hilarious you are on 11. I know you will like it! DJ and GB are by far my favorite people on that floor and you get to sit by both of them! You will come to love it. I know you will! :) (I'll pray for you in the mean time.)