Tuesday, August 24, 2010

An Update On The Week

I had a FABULOUS time in Primary on Sunday.  Thanks for asking.

My first day on the job went well, but it was only a half day, because 5 weeks ago I scheduled an orthodontist appointment for Landon.  Nothing like a great first day on the job!

My second day on the job I wasn't on the job.  I was back with HQF in their annual Annual Plan meeting.  I will admit to doing some laughing, but only if you swear not to tell.

I liked lunch.  The food was yummy.  Also, I sat next to a certain recently-returned mission president, who told me some sweet things about his experience in South America.  Who knew?  He even made eye contact with me *gasp!*

After the meeting my sweet friend, RH, came up and said, "Aundrea, I hope this doesn't make you feel bad.  But with as intelligent and talented as I know you are, it nearly breaks my heart to watch you clearing everyone's plates from the table!"  I would not clear the plates if it bothered me (believe me!), but I also think that I am assigned a certain strata at my place of employment due to my gender.  That is all.  And that is enough.

Briana and Ashtyn finished painting their room today.  Spencer came home from work and built them a closet, which Ash is currently painting.  Maybe tomorrow we'll actually get their bedroom put together!

Sassy took me out on a date last night.  We saw "Eat, Pray, Love."  I liked it better than she did.  I think that was just the maturity level based on the main character in the movie.  The movie was OK.  V---E---R---Y slow!  All in all, I'd wait for Netflix if I were you.

That's an exciting week, don't you think?